ParentCast™ Mobile

See how ParentCast™ can evolve your Parent to School interaction.

Group Messaging

We've taken Parent to Parent and School to Parent messaging to a new level. You can create public or private groups and instantly send messages including images!


Receiving alerts directly to your smartphone keeps you in touch with the speed of life changes, giving you the ability to instantly react!

Engage and Respond without Paper

Never again will you stumble upon the paper form at the bottom of  your child's bag to only reply and find you are too late. With Engage you will be able to inform of your attendance at events and sign forms fast, efficiently and easily!

User Groups

Creating groups of users is a great way of communicating between Parents and Schools. Parents can create public or private groups and schools can create private groups to inform parents directly such as classes or clubs!

Family Room

Family rooms are a great way to keep your family members in sync with matters relating to your child's school!


See pictures and galleries of your childs school directly inside the mobile app. Save the images to your own photo streams for offline viewing or sharing / printing!


Get instant news updates from your childs school. See breaking news as soon as it happens keeping you informed of the latest developments!

Associating with Schools

Associating with a school is easy. This is the gateway for ParentCast to display all relevant  information relating to the school in a single place. Make informed decisions about your child's education at the touch of a button, directly inside ParentCast mobile!